Obchodní akademie, Česká Lípa, náměstí Osvobození 422, příspěvková organizace Obchodní akademie Česká Lípa
Adresa: nám. Osvobození 422, 470 01 Česká Lípa
telefon: 778 544 002, ID dat. schránky: vdnk6rp, e-mail: oa-cl@clnet.cz
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Ing. Rostislav Lád
PhDr. Martin Kabrna
Mgr. Michal Hrdlička,
Mgr. Růžena Rückelová
nám. Osvobození 422,
470 01 Česká Lípa
+420 778 544 002

   The Business Academy, Česká Lípa, nám. Osvobození 422, Benefit Organization, is a secondary school established by the Liberec Regional Government, the school attendance is free of charge, the school was founded in 1945, and in 1960-1990 it was called The Secondary School of Economics in Česká Lípa. At present, the school is located very close to the centre of the city, opposite the monastery in the Square of Liberty. Near the school there is a student’s ´boarding house with a school canteen and accommodation facilities.

   BRANCHES OF STUDIES - The original branch of study is The Business Academy (63-41-M/02). It concentrates on special subjects in which students obtain theoretical and practical knowledge in marketing, management, accounting, taxes, banking, trade, business, laws, etc. The studies also include an Independent Special Written Work, a three-week-special work experience, cooperation with offices and private business firms, excursions to factories, offices and banks and preparations for university studies.

The branch of study The Lyceum of Economics (78-42-M/002), which concentrates on preparing the students for studies at universities of economics, social and law college. At the same time students are ready for putting their practical knowledge into practice. The Lyceum curriculum contains special subjects and the accent is on general subjects as mathematics, history, geography, biology, physics, psychology and cultural science. Starting the third grade students can choose out of various optional subjects.

The branch of study, The Public Service Activities (68-43-M/01) teaches our students to know the structure of government offices, activities concerning relations of the state with people and the activities, rights and duties of the government and its regional departments. Students will learn to deal with and create some basic legal documents and other activities necessary for working in government institutions. They will be able to do investigation activities, calculations and setting charges, prepare basic documents for statistics and similar activities, use computer programs for state administration and its regional departments and work with state administration portal. The will get ready for cooperation about regional development programmes, European cooperation programmes and for public communication.

   FOREIGN LANGUAGES - At our school the following foreign languages are taught: English, German, Russian, French and Spanish. Students can choose two or three foreign languages with various intensity of study. There are only up to 15 students in a foreign language class. Our students can go on foreign trips and educational language courses abroad. They can also participate in Language Olympic Games and they organize a singing competition called „The English Canary Bird“. There are prepared special courses to gain the certificates of German and English languages/Zertificate Deutsch, First Certificate in English.

   COMPUTER AND INFORMATION TECHNOLOGIES - The Business Academy is equipped with three computer laboratories, which are used not only for teaching this subject but also for written and electronic communication, accounting, economics and foreign languages. There are used data projectors, interactive whiteboards, scanners, web cameras and printers but not only in these rooms. Students can also use a copy machine. The use of all computer appliances and the Internet is free of charge for students and it is also reachable in their free time (Wi-Fi). Students can pass the ECDL examination.

   PROFFESIONAL POSSIBILITIES - The graduates of Business Academy have a wide range of professional positions at all administrative and economic professions. Most of them work in offices, banks and private firms. Some of them become successful in business and management. Many of them enter universities of economics, laws, social and pedagogical sciences, especially School of Economics in Prague, Technical University in Liberec, UJEP Ústí nad Labem /Pedagogical and Social Faculties.

   FREE TIME ACTIVITIES – Our students can join a high school professional activity and the competition Economist of The Business Academy. We enjoy rich and diverse cultural life at our academy. The Theatre Club of young people is very popular here. There is prepared a new performance every season. We regularly visit concerts, films and performances during the school year, including plays performed in English. Our students take part in various competitions e.g. reading poetry, literary works and also in community service.
Our students are involved in sport. There is free access to the academy fitness centre, (there is an extensive variety of weight equipment, rowers, upright bikes etc.), the street ball playground, the table tennis, the mirror gym for gymnastics and aerobics (zumba dance, step aerobics) and the volleyball playground. Adaptation days for newly arrived students are regularly arranged and also sport courses (ski course, touristic course, cycling course, water sport course). Our students have already won several prices in different language, sport and poetry competitions.

   ENTRANCE REQUIREMENTS - In the school year 2015/16 The Business Academy will enrol 60 students in the original branch of study The Business Academy, 30 students in the branch of study The Lyceum of Economics, 30 students in the branch of study The Public Service Activities according to the common entrance exams.